Projects Portal

The WattMetrics Projects Portal provides a single point of access to an unlimited number of WattMetrics projects. All administrative, technical and otherwise non-public data about a project is available through the Projects Portal.

Self-Service Installation

Anyone with a WattMetrics account can create a new project via the Projects Portal. A complete WattMetrics system can be installed and commissioned via the Portal in minutes. No site surveys, phone calls or other interactions with WattMetrics staff are necessary (although we're always here to help).

Comprehensive Remote Diagnostics

A complete set of manufacturer-specific inverter settings are available via the Projects Portal. A complete history of manufacturer-specific fault codes is also always available. No other system in the industry offers this level of diagnostic capability across all the inverters we support.

Automatic Partner Branding

Every project created in the Projects Portal via a WattMetrics partner account automatically receives free partner branding on the WattMetrics Dashboard for that project.

Flexible Security

Project administrators can grant  access to a project via the Projects Portal on a project by project basis to anyone. Or even make the WattMetrics Dashboard password protected.

Configurable Automated Alerts

Configurable project alerts can be sent to any email address.

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