Managing Alerts

All WattMetrics projects include an 'alerts' system that will automatically email project stakeholders when an alert condition is detected. 

Alerts are 'Opt Out'

The user who creates a project is automatically signed up as a recipient for all alerts. A user who does not want to receive email notices when an alert is triggered can be removed from the recipient list for a specific alert.

Alerts Status

The 'alerts status' page for a project (accessible via the projects portal only) displays the current state of all enabled alerts for the project. If the condition that the alert is monitoring changes, the status page will be updated automatically.

For example, if an Agent is late reporting to WattMetrics servers, the 'agent connectivity' alert will be triggered and the 'alerts status' page will display the current state of the 'agent connectivity alert'.

Alert History

Messages generated by all alerts are displayed in the 'alerts message history' page.  Each entry includes the type of alert, the time the alert was sent (localized to the viewer), the alert message and the list of recipients to which the alert was sent.  The detail page for each alert includes a message history specific to that alert.

Disabling Alerts vs Removing Recipients

If an alert has no recipients, it will still be active and the project status page will display a message when the alert is triggered. The alert can be completely disabled by unchecking the "this alert is enabled" check box. The project status page will then no longer display messages for the alert.

Alert Recipients

Each alert can be configured individually to tailor who gets notified when the alert is triggered. 

To add an alert recipient:

  • Find the specific alert in the 'alerts' section of the project page in the projects portal.

  • Click on "add an alert recipient".

  • Specifiy a name and an email address to which to send the alert message.

  • The alert recipient does not need to have a WattMetrics services account.








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