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  1. Is the agent on?

    • For Residential agents, make sure the power switch is in the 'on' position and the power light on the front of the agent is on.

    • For Commercial agents, make sure the hard-wired power to the agent is energized.

  2. Has the agent been added to a project?

  3. Does the agent have a local network connection?

    • Please follow the steps in the "local network connection" to verify that the agent has a working local network connection with access to the Internet.



Kiosk displays a white screen

There is a problem with the network connection and the kiosk cannot access the Internet. Please verify that the kiosk computer is properly configured to access the local network. An easy way to verify the kiosk network credentials is to attempt to configure a separate computer with the same credentials and attempt to browse the internet.

Kiosk displays a black screen with little blue circles for several minutes

When the kiosk software is updated remotely, a new software package is automatically downloaded from WattMetrics Data Services. The package is relatively large and can take up to several minutes to download (~5 minutes over a 1.5Mb connection). Once updated, this package is saved on the kiosk computer and the download process does not happen again unless the kiosk software is updated another time.

Kiosk displays a “network unavailable” message.

This means that either:

  • an Internet connection is not available (possibly due to a temporary network outage)

  • the kiosk has not been registered with WattMetrics Data Services.

Please verify that the kiosk computer is properly configured to access the local network. This can be verified by logging into the kiosk with the “installer” account and browsing the Internet.

If the network outage is only temporary, the kiosk will automatically start displaying data again once the network is restored.

If there are no network problems, please verify that the kiosk has been added to a WattMetrics project via the WattMetrics Data Services portal: (double check the kiosk serial number).