WattMetrics Inverter Support

Our goal at WattMetrics is to provide the deepest inverter support available from any energy information platform. Ever. If we don't support you're favorite inverter, please let us know. We are always adding support for new makes of inverter to the WattMetrics platform.

Manufacturer-Specific Data 

We track around 20 plus points of data for most inverters (depending on how much data the inverter exposes), enabling remote diagnostics and analytics that are simply not possible with other systems.

Manufacturer-Specific Fault Codes      

The WattMetrics system is constantly watching for fault codes specific to each type of inverter we support. Within a few minutes of a fault being detected, a message containing the exact manufacturer-specified description of the fault is sent to project administrators.

Zero Configuration, Automatic Device Discovery

The WattMetrics Universal Acquisition Agent automatically discovers and connects to each type of inverter we support. No installer interaction with the WattMetrics Agent is required. Just plug it in and turn it on.

Embeddable Data

Every inverter support package includes live, interactive charts that are easily embeddable in any website.