WattMetrics Quickstart Installation Guide

step one

  Create a New WattMetrics Project 

  • Log in to the WattMetrics Project Portal (create a new account or use the existing account for your company).

  • Click on "create project" and enter the required information for new projects, including the serial number of the WattMetrics agent(s) being installed. Please see the "managing projects" section of the online manual for more detail. 

step two

  Test Local Internet Access

  • Run Ethernet cable (or set up a network extender) from a local router or other access point to where the Agent will be installed.

  • Connect the Ethernet cable to a laptop and use a Web browser to access https://services.wattmetrics.com (be sure to disable all WiFi access on the laptop first). 

  • If you can't access the Internet using the Ethernet cable, neither can the Agent. Please see the "installing agents: local network connection" section of the online manual for more details. 

step three

  Install the WattMetrics Agent(s)

step four

  Connect Agent to Inverter or other data source(s)

  • Connect the communications cable(s) supplied with your Agent package to the inverter(s), power meter(s) or other data sources.  Please refer to the relevent sections of the online manual for details of how to connect to a particular data source. 

  • Turn on AC power to Agent. 

step five

  Wait 10 Minutes wait ten minutes and Check Online Status

  • The Agent can take up to 10 minutes to complete its initial auto-configuration and synchronization with WattMetrics data services. 

  • After that period, go online and check the project status in the projects portal.  The status should be green and all connected data sources should be visible.  If not, please follow the online troubleshooting guide before contacting WattMetrics.