Monitoring Fronius Inverters

Inverter Prerequisites

Fronius inverters must have a Fronius COM Card installed to be compatible with WattMetrics. Fronius part number 4.240.001.Z or equivalent.

Supported Models

WattMetrics is compatible with the models listed below. If your inverter model isn't listed below, that doesn't necessarily mean that it won't work with WattMetrics. Please contact us if you don't see your inverter here.


3.0-1 uni, 3.8-1 uni, 5.0-1 uni, 6.0-1 uni, 7.5-1 uni, 10.0-1 uni, 11.4-1uni, 11.4-3 Delta, 12.0-3 WYE277


33.3 Delta, 36.0 WYE277, 44.4 Delta, 48.0 WYE277, 55.5 Delta, 60.0 WYE277

Connecting to a WattMetrics Agent

1.  Install the Fronius COM Card.

  • Install the Fronius COM Card in each inverter to be monitored, following the manufacturer's installation instructions.

2.  If there are multiple inverters:

  • Connect their COM cards to each other in series, per the manufacturer's instructions, using shielded CAT5/6 cable.

  • Install the communications termination plug in the last inverter in the series per the manufacturer's instructions.

3.  For each inverter to be monitored, use the control panel on the inverter to enter the following:

  • assign a unique "IG" number to each inverter

  • set the communications protocol to "IFP"

  • set the baud rate to 19200 

4.  Connect the WattMetrics agent.

  • Connect the WattMetrics agent to the COM card in the inverter (or the first inverter in the series if there are multiple inverters) using the cable provided by WattMetrics.

5.  Finish installing the agent as outlined in the "installing agents" section of this manual.



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Fronius COM card is required