Public Kiosks and Displays

WattMetrics offers a highly flexible solution for interactive kiosks and public displays. We combine a very compact kiosk computer with one of a variety of touch and non-touch displays. 

Engage, Educate, Energize

Walking by a display in a public place is a totally different experience from sitting in front of your own computer. WattMetrics kiosks are designed specifically for a 'walk-up' (or 'walk-by') experience. They are designed to draw people in and give them a quick, fun, educational experience that will help them appreciate the value of the installed power system. 

Touch or No-Touch Displays

Checking a box in the WattMetrics Projects Portal automatically switches the kiosk design from touch to no-touch mode. When in no-touch mode, the display automatically cycles through screens that show the current system output and various environmental equivalents. In touch mode, a touchable menu is displayed that allows users to interactively explore the value of the installed power system.

Commercial-Grade Touch Screens

The touch screens we provide are not the touch screens you'll find at your local office supply. They are heavy duty displays designed specifically for the rigors of being exposed to the public 24/7. 

Easy To Install

WattMetrics kiosk computers have built in WiFi networking. An Internet connection is all that is necessary to complete an installation (there is no direct connection between a kiosk and the WattMetrics Universal Acquisition Agent at an installation). Complete desktop or wall mount hardware kits are available.


Kiosk Computer

Dimensions: 8.78" ×7" ×1.06" (L x W x H).

Wireless / Wired network: 802.11b/g/n, 10/100/1000 Mbps.

Operating System:  Windows 7 64 bit.

Touch Screen Displays

Screen Sizes:  22", 42", or 46".

Touch Technology:  acoustic.

Non-Touch Screen Displays

Screen Sizes: 22" and up.

More Resources

Installation Instructions

Kiosks Brochure




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