SMA Inverter Support

WattMetrics supports SMA 'Sunny' series inverters. No Sunny WebBox or Sunny Portal integration is required. For more information on SMA inverters, please visit Detailed installation instructions are available at

Supported Models

All SMA models, including Sunny Boy/Sunny Tower: 3000-US, 3800-US, 4000-US, 5000-US, 6000-US, 7000-US, 8000-US, 2000HF-US, 2500HF-US, 3000HF-US.

Embeddable Data

Interactive charts with live data are easily embeddable in any website.

SMA Data Tracked by WattMetrics

Inverter Settings 

  • Frequency AC delta minus

  • Frequency AC delta plus

  • kW Rating

  • Name

  • P Limit

  • Serial Number

  • Software BFR

  • Software SRR

  • T Start

  • T Stop

  • Total kWh To Date

  • Volts AC Max

  • Volts AC Max Fast

  • Volts AC Max Recon

  • Volts AC Min

  • Volts AC Min Fast

  • Volts AC Min Recon

  • Volts PV Max

  • Volts PV Start

 Inverter Readings

  • Watts AC

  • Volts AC

  • Amps AC

  • Frequency

  • AC Volts L1

  • AC Volts L2

  • Volts DC

  • Amps DC

  • Temperature

  • Mode

  • Grid Type

  • Backup State

  • Error


More Resources

Installation Instructions


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