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WattMetrics Partners

Solar installers, PPA providers and energy efficiency consultants face an increasingly competitive market. At WattMetrics, we understand that our partners need the highest quality, most easy to use and most cost effective solutions. Our family of products and services allows our partners to showcase their energy projects in the best possible light.

One System

WattMetrics provides its partners with a single, comprehensive energy information platform that is easily adaptable to many project scenarios. We are always working on new products and features to make sure that no matter what projects our partners tackle, we have what they need.

Solutions for Residential and Commercial Projects

The WattMetrics platform currently supports inverters, power meters and weather stations with more data source options coming soon. We offer multiple kiosk/public display options and two different acquisition computers. Our system is not only superior to those offered by inverter manufacturers, but works across all major brands of inverters. This range of options lets our partners use a single platform for all their projects.

Free Online Project Management Tools

All WattMetrics partners have access to the WattMetrics Projects Portal, a powerful multi-project management tool. It provides at-a-glance project status and statistics and well as deep access to automated alerts, configuration details and remote diagnostics for all your projects.  It's flexible security tools give project administrators full control over access to project data.  We are always adding new features to this tool and welcome all partner feedback.

Easy Install

Fully Commissioned in Under 15 minutes

Our partners do not get paid by the hour. WattMetrics Universal Acquisition Agents are self-configuring. Once turned on, they will automatically discover and begin gathering data from data sources supported by WattMetrics. No configuration by the installer is required.

Completely Self-Service Installation

New projects can be created via the WattMetrics Projects Portal at any time without any interaction with WattMetrics staff (unless wanted). No special site survey forms are required. Partners can even stock Universal Acquisition Agents and other WattMetrics equipment themselves and commission projects on their own schedule.  

No Network Configuration Required

Assuming standard DHCP and port 443 (HTTPS) are available, no special network configuration is required. WattMetrics Universal Acquisition Agents do not need a dedicated IP address or a special hole in the local firewall. All communications with the Agent as well as all locally stored data are encrypted .

Dedicated Partner

At WattMetrics, we are committed to helping our partners succeed. We are always working on new ways for our partners to complete, manage and showcase their energy projects.

Free Partner Branding

All projects created by partners via the WattMetrics Projects Portal automatically receive free partner branding. The WattMetrics Web dashboard features partner branding prominently in the upper right corner. More extensive custom branding is available. The WattMetrics public project list also includes a partner logo and a link to the partner's website for every project.

Thoughtful, Comprehensive Documentation

We provide thorough installation instructions for all our products, including step-by-step details specific to every model of inverter we support.

Dedicated, Knowledgeable Support

Our partners are our business. If they need information or assistance that is our immediate top priority.

Competitive Pricing

WattMetrics solutions are very competitively priced. We do not impose any arbitrary system size-based fees or minimum equipment requirements. Volume discounts are available. Please contact us for more information.


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