Wednesday, July 24

WattMetrics News

New Inverter: Growatt

We now support inverters by Growatt. We've seen a lot of different makes of inverter and we were immediately impressed with the exceptional build quality of Growatt inverters. The many years they spent on R&D before realeasing their product has really paid off.  Although they are relatively new to the market, they have already been very successful in Europe, Asia, Australia and now the US.  More information on our Growatt support is available here: products/supportedinverters/Growatt.aspx.

New Commercial Hardware Available

We are proud to announce the release of a new version of our Commercial Universal Acquisition Agent. This new agent includes several enhancements and additions to our earlier model, including: 

  • a larger enclosure (still NEMA 4 and conduit-ready) leaves a lot more room to wire power and communications connections
  • a stronger enclosure is more secure than the previous model and includes a option for a lockable clasp
  • the clamshell design of the enclosure makes wiring access much easier and hides the display for greater security
  • dedicated power+communications terminal specifically for use with WattMetrics weather stations - no power injector necessary
  • more USB ports
These changes and more are a direct result of our field experiences to date and  some great customer feedback. Keep it coming!