Wednesday, July 24

WattMetrics News

WattMetrics Approved as California PBI Data Provider

WattMetrics is an approved Performance Data Provider (PDP) for the California Solar Initiative (CSI) Performance Based Incentive (PBI) rebate program.  Owners of WattMetrics revenue-grade systems can now participate in the PBI program.

WattMetric non-revenue-grade systems are approved for use with the CSI Performance Monitoring and Reporting System (PMRS).

WattMetrics Approved as PJM EIS GATS SREC Data Provider

WattMetrics has been approved as a data provider for the PJM EIS SREC Generation Attribute Tracking System (GATS).  Now system owners in New Jersey as well as Delaware, District of Columbia, Illinois, Maryland, Ohio, Pensylvania, Virginia and West Virginia can use WattMetrics revenue-grade systems to participate in the GATS for their Renewable Energy Credits (REC).

WattMetrics Approved as CEFIA Data Provider

WattMetrics is now an approved Performance Data Provider (PDP) for the Residential Solar Investment (RSIP) program in Connecticut (which is managed by Connecticut's Clean Energy Finance and Investment Authority (CEFIA).  WattMetrics revenue-grade residential monitoring systems can now be used by any participant in this program.

New Feature: Link to External Project Website

A small but mighty new feature allows project managers to a their own custom link to the public project dashboard.  The link could take users to a custom project website, a Facebook page, a Flicker slideshow or any other web-excessible resource.

To add a custom link to your public project dashboard, enter the link via the project settings page in the projects portal, as illustrated in the image below.

customer project web link

Once that is done, a new menu item will be available in the 'more data' tab on the project dashboard.  The new "more about this project" item will be a link to your own custom web presence for the project.