A completely new installation and management manual is now available online. It has several new features and enhancements:

Mobile Friendly

The new documentation is now all online and easily accessible from our main website: http://www.wattmetrics.com/support.aspx. It is easy to use from any smartphone or tablet, a great resource for reviewing instructions in the field.

Revised and Expanded

We've added a ton of new sections and complete rewritten old ones. A lot of close interaction with our customers has enabled us to add a lot of real-world details that make installing and managing WattMetrics projects even easier.


Having the manual all online lets us make additions and revisions instantly. Installers can be confident they have the most up to date support we can provide, instead of having to wonder if the manual they downloaded three weeks or three months ago is still current.

Never Complete

We will always be looking to improve our support documents. Please don't hesitate to contact us with suggestions.  And pictures! If you have decent quality pictures of a confusing connection, inverter menu display or anything else best described with an image, please send them to us.  We will add as many as we can to the relevant sections of the online docs.